ART ADVENTURES with Artist Barbara Kahn

Join me for just one weekend or a week for an amazing art experience that will last for a lifetime.

Enhance your creative process with one-to-one instruction in a variety of mediums.

All art materials included! Use my vast array of fine art materials to augment your artistic expression.

Customize your schedule of art activities according to what you want to learn. All artistic levels are welcome! Everyone has an artist inside them.

All you need to do is allow the time and space for those abilities to come to the surface.

After settling in to your space in the evening, we begin on the first morning by choosing what you want to learn.

Starting an Artists Journal is the basis of my teachings, is included in all workshops.

Each day you will have a new lesson in your journal and when you take it home you will be able to access what you have learned and use this information in many different ways for years to come. Included in these lessons will be demonstrations, learning about colors and pigments, various drawing and painting techniques, spontaneous ways for sketching, and tips for capturing landscapes, flowers, plants, objects, animals and people.

You can choose 2 more classes per day from the following list:

  1. Power Shield. Here you will learn new ways to infuse your art with your goals using found objects, watercolor paper, colors and more.
  2. Painting sunsets with watercolors. Go on a side trip to a beautiful spot to sketch this magical time.
  3. Nature drawing and painting. Learn to draw a flower or plant up close and personal.
  4. Drawing the figure and face. Learn some anatomy and ways to get your proportions correct.
  5. Techniques of Visionary Painting. Special ways to bring forth your visions with watercolors.
  6. Designing mandalas. Make your own circle design for centering your energy.
  7. Meditative journeys. All you need to do is relax, close your eyes and allow yourself to go on one of my stories.
  8. Calligraphy. Learn simple techniques to start some fine writing.
  9. Photoshop on my Apple computer. I can teach you how to enhance your photographs and more.
  10. Readings from my Ancient Oracle Deck and Handbook. Set the stage for a daily theme and to receive information from a different perspective. In this way you can learn to be a reader yourself.
  11. Design your own class. If there is something not mentioned here, let's talk about it and maybe we will find a way to include it in our exciting week.
  12. Cooking. These lessons do not have to pertain to art alone! Learn about the optimum ways to have the best and most delicious foods that our earth has to offer.
  13. The Art of Aromatherapy. Learn to blend personalized perfumes and beneficial combinations for your home and life.
  14. Walks in nature will reveal the abundance of wild plants that grow in this very special place in the mountains. Learn the craft of finding and making herbal preparations and learning how to use them.
  15. Optional fun day (for the week long Art Adventure). Go off on your own or we explore together. Go to the exciting city of Asheville to see galleries, museums and other art venues and sample some of the regional foods as well. Or choose to visit some of power spots and mystical places in this area such as Mt. Mitchell, Linville Caverns, Linville Waterfalls, watch the Brown Mountain Lights and more!

And there will be time each day for you to relax, take time off from any schedule and do your own work or play.

Art Adventures include:

  • Your own customized program with a minimum of 6 hours of instruction per day. Eachclass is about 2 hours.
  • A comfortable private room with WiFi hookup and bathroom
  • Preparing meals and snacks together with information about nutrition and health.
  • Use of all art materials.
  • Your own new journal and special pen, and other art materials for each project.

Weekend Art Adventure: One person—$295.00. 2-3 people: $150 per person.

Have a fun filled 2 &1/2 days of inspiration! Arrive on Friday after 4pm and leave on Sunday evening! Includes your own private room and bath, meals, all art materials and your choice of what to learn. Each additional day for any of the above programs: $135.00

One Week Art Adventure (8 nights, 7 days): $995
Two Week Art Adventure: $1800

A One Week Art Adventure for 2 to 3 people: $500 per person.

Part time work for 1-3 hours per day at $10 per hour can be deducted from the total fees. The work can be: organizing, weeding, gardening, raking, stacking wood, etc.

Half of the total fee to be paid in advance to reserve your space.

Have ART ADVENTURES in your area as a one-to-one experience or as a weekend group experience.

Call 828-385-0336 for details, or email: