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Visionary Paintings

All of the images below are available as prints in the above formats. More images are forthcoming.
Email me at for ordering with PayPal; it such an easy way! 
I will send you an invoice for your complete order. 
The 5x7 prints in an 8x10" mat make wonderful and affordable holiday gifts.
The 5x7 prints are also available for each card in my Ancient Oracle Deck. Go to SHOP page to see all of the cards.      
Spirit of Apple Tree/ Winter, #1      Divine of the Woods, #2                            Vortex, #3

Vortex Over TableRock, #7                  Cove Triptych, #4       Mashfeo Kumi: Storm God, #5              Columbine and Faerie #6


Cavern of the Ancient Ones, #7            Spirits in the Sky, #8

 Gateway, #9

Cove Triptych, 1st section, #10         2nd section, #11                             3rd section, #11