The Ancient Oracle Kit

If you want to receive hints and whispers for your day
or answers for a question you may have 
The Ancient Oracle Deck and Handbook are for you!

With each card you pick you will see beautiful visionary artwork,
the specific element, direction and number combined to give you
an in-depth reading that will help you see things from another perspective.
Reading about each card in the Handbook enriches your information.

Included with each  Ancient Oracle Kit
    • The Ancient Oracle Deck and The Ancient Oracle Handbook
    • Two full color postcards 
    • A soft purple velvet pouch to keep your cards in
    • All in a see thru box wrapped with a feather.

For the month of August receive a specially charged crystal FREE with the first 10 orders
This crystal has been nestled with other crystals from around the world, and blessed by sages
and is infused with the sparkling energy of these very ancient Blue Ridge Mountains.

Purchase The Ancient Oracle Kit 
for the Special price of $50 for the month of August. 
They will be $60 on September 1st.

Order your  Ancient Oracle Kit here today and it will be sent by Priority Mail. 
The Ancient Oracle Kit makes a wonderful gift for that special someone in your life.
For multiple orders, international orders, cost of shipping, or any other information please send an email to 
                                    The Deluxe Ancient Oracle Kit is also available
 at Asheville Raven and Crone
                                555 Merrimon Ave, Asheville
828-424-7868   Open Daily
                       A unique metaphysical gift shop and a source of many inspiring events.
I will be teaching a workshop there 
Learning to be a Reader with The Ancient Oracle Deck
                                Saturday, August 25 from 2-4 pm. Cost: $35. Register by calling Raven at 828-424-7868

Ancient Oracle
  Deck and Handbook        

Since the beginning of time, people have been seeking alternative ways to find answers to questions for life’s circumstances. Practices such as reading tea leaves at the bottom of a cup to interpret the future, throwing yarrow sticks to see the patterns for an I Ching reading, consulting the Runes or pulling cards from the Tarot to get another view on a problem are just a few techniques for tapping into the Universe for a source of guidance and insight.

The Ancient Oracle Deck and Handbook can give you yet another perspective on your present state of existence. This system is based upon my artwork, philosophy and knowledge I’ve gained from artists, shamans, sages and teachers over the course of my lifetime. Much of the information in this book has been given to me from the Ancient Ones, a group of spirit beings who dwell in the caverns of the Appalachian Mountains, one of the oldest places on earth! This deck is not the Tarot, it is a set of insightful oracle cardsThe Ancient Oracle Deck or Handbook can act as a medium through which you may receive advice, prophesy, hints and whispers. These cards can open your heart, stimulate your mind and touch your soul.

I have been inspired to create these fifty-four cards and handbook by weaving together my paintings, my love of numerology, the elements and directions, my philosophy and intuitive writings. All my life, my artwork has given me incredible comfort, new understanding and remarkable insight into my past, present and future existence. As a result each painting became my teacher, my therapist and my inspiration. 

The Ancient Oracle Deck and Handbook can provide you with tools for transformation. I have seen it happen many times with the hundreds of readings I have given using these cards. A person draws a few cards and then their story unfolds as their imagination is opened.

Use the Handbook to help guide you to a better understanding of the messages in the cards. You can also use it spontaneously for a hint by holding it with your eyes closed and letting your fingers open to a page. Open your eyes, read it and be inspired! When you open to a certain page or draw a card, it is for a reason. By contemplating the card or page you can:

         • Access hints about issues and opportunities in your life
         • Take a look at a problem from another perspective
         • Gain insight on your life’s path.

Each image acts as a mirror, reflecting a personal meaning for you at the time you draw the card. Consider the feelings and thoughts that occur as you look at them. An intuitive response will come to you, sometimes one that you may not even expect. Have a notebook or journal handy to jot things down.

For over a decade I have worked with these images, numbers and symbols and arranged them into the present order with their pertinent Number, Element and Direction. The numerology used in the Handbook originated from information passed onto me orally by a powerful third generation Russian healer, Zonette Rossi. She was my first metaphysical teacher that I met back in the 70’s.  Her theory of numbers has been an integral part of my philosophy ever since.

Barbara Kahn
March, 2018

See a video of me doing a group reading here.

                                   Here are the images of all fifty-four cards in the Ancient Oracle Deck. Cards 1 through 9 are the Essence cards, 
                                   the gods and goddesses of the deck. These 9 cards carry the number vibration of each of the other 45 cards in 
                                   the deck. For instance card number 23, The Flower Faerie equals  a number 5. Five is the number of channeling 
                                   and also is a money number. It is money that comes through you and out into the world.

INTUITIVE Personal READINGS are AVAILABLE with the Ancient Oracle Deck
over the phone, with FaceTimein Messenger on Facebook, 
or Skype or Google Hangouts on the internet!   
Receive hints about your life's journey. 
EMPOWER YOURSELF and hone your Intuition by the cards that YOU choose.
This is a fun, interactive session that can bring new insights upon your path.
Give the gift of a reading to someone special on your holiday list. 
A gift notification will be emailed and a date will be set.
Call 828-385-0336 to schedule an appointment  

Specials for April 
A 15 minute session for $25 instead of $30.
Includes an interactive session of picking three cards, 
an explanation about the image, number and element in each one 
and their meaning with each other
A photo of the cards we pick will be emailed to you.

For readings call 828-385-0336 
or email
Credit Cards Accepted securely over the phone.

A Half Hour In-depth Session is $50 instead of $60 for the month of May.
 It Includes picking three cards and their hints and whispers for you today.

Find out about your lifetime spirit and 
essence cards; what the numbers and images 
mean for you and what is your theme
Pick an additional card for a specific issue. 
A photo of your cards will be emailed to you.

To schedule a reading call 828-385-0336 or email
Credit Cards Accepted securely over the phone.


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